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1-800-flowers - -,,,,, and many more
American Express -
Answers Corp. (Nasdaq: ANSW) -
AOL -,,
Bank Of America -
Barnes and Noble -
Bass Pro Shops -
Bayer -
Brown Shoe Company -
Burlington Coat Factory -
Calvin Klein - and
Campbell Soup Co. -
Citibank - Student
Conair Pro -
Diago -,,, LLC -,,
Disney -,,,,
Dow Jones -
Ebay (aka PayPal) -
Fandango -
Fixodent -
Food Network -
Google -
Honda -
JC Penny -
Johnson and Johnson -
Kay Jewelers -
Kraft -,
Land o Lakes -
MasterCard -
Merriam Webster -
Microsoft -,,,,
Microsoft (MSFT) -,
Monster -
National Geographic -
National Pen Company -
Nestle -
Nissan -
Office Depot -,
Old Country Buffet - -
PayPal -
PetSmart -
Procter and Gamble -
R.H. Donnelley -,
Ragu -
Ralph Lauren -,
Rocky Mountain Bicycles -
Roto Rooter -
Sherwin Williams -
Sports Endeavors -,
Staples -
Sylvan Learning -,,
Taco Bell -
The History Channel -
The Map and Globe Store -
The Weather Channel -
The Wedding Channel -
Ticketmaster -
Toys R Us -,
Travelocity -
Unilever (Products include: Knorr, Slim Fast, Vasaline) -,
Yahoo -,

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