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Brannan’s for Premium Domain Name Assets

Brannan’s has a long and successful track record of helping individuals, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies buy and sell premium domain names and established internet-based business assets. Professionalism, expertise, and confidentiality and the hallmarks of our business and why our customers refer us again and again. You can trust Brannan’s to work within your timeframe to deliver the most value possible.

There is never a charge for an initial consultation. Start a conversation with us today about your domain name objectives. We look forward to working with you.

Integrity is Job #1

We maintain a strict code of conduct in every domain transaction we facilitate:

  • We understand that it is our responsibility to seek the best possible outcome for our customers first – above everything else and to the best of our ability.
  • We will always act professionally and responsibly.
  • All customer communications and data are sacred and always treated as confidential.
  • We will treat all parties with respect and respond quickly to all communications.
  • All negotiations will be conducted honestly and in good faith.
  • Let’s talk about your domain name objectives and see if Brannan’s is the right fit for you.

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Recent Domain Name Transactions

Notable transactions completed by Brannan’s include:

  • Batteries.com
  • PK.com
  • Hux.com
  • Cheesecake.com
  • Christian.com
  • Digital.com, DEC.com
  • Bristol.com
  • Whiskey.com
  • Sterling.com
  • Rio.com
  • Hotdog.com
  • WEE.com
  • Trampolines.com
  • Smartphones.com
  • Physical.com
  • JWI.com
  • JPH.com
  • GraduateSchool.com
  • Putters.com
  • Residences.com
  • ePayments.com
  • Nikki.com
  • AYK.com
  • Crude.com
  • Filet.com
  • Volleyballs.com
  • Numo.com
  • DigitalMarketing.com

Meet David Clements

No one will work harder for you. With more than a decade of hands-on experience, David Clements – CEO of Brannan’s – is well known and highly regarded in the domain name industry as a consultant and sought-after speaker for international conferences and trade shows. As a serial entrepreneur himself, David founded Cheesecake.com, an international auction company, an international trade show, and is the current CEO of Batteries.com. He developed these businesses by buying, developing, marketing, and building the businesses on premium generic domain names as an extension of his work in the premium domains space.

Previously considering a career in medicine, David received his bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Kennesaw State University. An accomplished student, his academic credentials include: Presidential Fellows, President Tri-Beta Biology Honors Society, President Golden Key Honors Society, Student Government Senator, NASA Fellows, Merck Scholar Research Project, Dean’s List, and President’s List.

David has traveled extensively around the world, including: Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Australia, and across the Caribbean. He’s a volunteer scuba diver at the Georgia Aquarium and lives in Dunwoody, Georgia, with his wife and 2 daughters.

CurrentDomain Inventory

online over 18 years
Status: OpenDomain Name
US Trademark

10,000,000 USD

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ElectricCar.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only1,500,000 USD
PK.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
PrivateCharter.com, PrivateCharters.com, EliteCharter.comStatus: REDUCEDDomain Name Only with Buy Now Price30,000 USD
Less.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
LAL.comStatus: REDUCEDDomain Name Only with Buy Now Price118,000
KTD.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only

100,000 USD

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Lots of history & backlinks
Status: REDUCEDDomain Name Only with Buy Now Price125,000
FreeCreditRepair.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only with Buy Now Price25,000
Hotbot.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
XBX.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
Squat.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only60,000
Textbot.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only15,000
Steal.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only80,000
Ethical.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only125,000
ZAX.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only60,000
OYS.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only40,000
EUG.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only40,000
YIG.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only40,000
SatNav.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only32,000
Fruitfly.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only20,000
X6.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only210,000
Advising.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only220,000
Superstore.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only490,000
Sleepy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only95,000
Colombian.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only95,000
Underline.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only65,000
Gender.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Subtract.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Reject.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Spinal.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Rectify.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Salty.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Feud.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Muddy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Seduced.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Hazy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Jobless.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only55,000
Jingo.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
Chop.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE!
Trap.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE!

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