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Domain same services we offer include the following:
1. Domain Acquisition
2. Sell Your Domain Name
3. Domains For Sale/Inventory
4. Domain Name Auctions
5. Domain Name Newsletter

When it comes to domain name assets, Brannans is who you want to represent your interests or the interests of your clients. We actively research, market, and creatively address every domain name opportunity to maximize the value that we bring to the table.

Buy-Side Domain Acquisitions

  • Determine fit and brand value of target domains for your business.
  • Locate and acquire registered domains – even those not yet listed for sale.
  • Locate hard-to-find domain owners.
  • Develop domain owner profiles to determine communication and negotiation strategy.


Domain Acquisition

Sell Your Domain Name

You’re in control and you decide between:
(1) Wholesale offer and payment 3 hours – 3 business days from offer acceptance, and
(2) Retail price achieved within 1-6 months, Performance-driven solution & white glove service.

Timing really does matter here and to really help you we need to know which of these two options is more interesting to you.

Before submitting a domain name for our premium domain brokerage program (wholesale or retail) the domain name MUST be a .COM domain name and it MUST have a retail value of at least US $25,000 based on a free appraisal tool at Estibot.com. If your domain name is valued at less than US $25,000 using the free appraisal tool at Estibot it would not be a fit for either wholesale or retail brokerage programs we offer.

It may be a fit for our newsletter if it’s valued over US $5,000. If that’s the case, read below about our newsletter.

We have domain names under long-term, exclusive engagement. Those that we are allowed to publish are listed on our “Domains For Sale” page.

Domain Names For Sale and Current Inventory

Domain Name Auctions

If you have a one-word .COM domain name with an original registration date of 2000 or earlier (making the domain name over 20 years old) and it has a retail value of at least US $500,000 based on a free appraisal tool at Estibot.com then we should get a mutual non-disclosure agreement in place and have a conversation. Our auction platform focuses exclusively on these types of intellectual property assets (sometimes on the books as indefinite-lived intangible assets).

Stay tuned for a big domain name auction announcement on January 13, 2020.

If you’re looking to sell domain names quickly, and they have an Estibot value over US $5,000, we have a newsletter that goes out to a subscriber base that we started about thirteen years ago. Mostly .com, but we will look at other TLDs.

Brannans Domain Name Newsletter