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A Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Acquire Premium Domain Names

Vanity Email Service Provider and Related Assets Available for Acquisition

For 22 years, the vanity email service has provided customized email addresses to fans of more than one thousand teams, clubs, and institutions worldwide across three dozen international sports and hundreds of hobbies and special interests. The popular vanity email addresses help fans identify with and show their support for the things they care about most.

For example, there are thirty-four pro sports teams, forty-nine colleges, and more than three hundred secondary schools that share the term “bulldogs” as their team name or mascot internationally – including Yale University, Churchill College-Cambridge, Gonzaga, National University-Philippines, University of Georgia, and Mississippi State, among many others. Fans, boosters, and alumni of any of these teams – and even fans of the various bulldog breeds – have been able to use email addresses such as [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] as a daily demonstration of their support, loyalty, and dedication.

One of the Best Domain Collections to Come to Market

Interestingly, over the years, the business has been reluctant to consider offers to purchase individual premium domains due their integral value to the vanity email service. But now that the division is up for sale, there are new, intriguing opportunities. For the first time in 22 years, the owners are open to consider the sale of individual domain names from the collection of more than 120 premium domains.

Premium Domain Use Cases

In addition to the exceptional branding and marketing value, potential uses for domain names in this portfolio include:

  • Dedicated online team shop.
  • Team Booster Organizations.
  • University fundraising websites.
  • University premium email services for students and alumni.
  • Contacting About Premium Domains

    Parties interested in the premium domain inventory available can inquire using the following:
    Phone (Worldwide): +1 404.400.4400
    Related to FanMail service domains: [email protected]
    Other Business Inquiries: [email protected]
    Media: medi[email protected]

    Vanity Email Service Premium Domain Inventory

    The top, one-word .com domains in the portfolio include:

    CurrentDomain Inventory

    By submitting an offer, I confirm that neither I, nor the organization on whose behalf I am acting (if applicable), claims a legal right to the domains listed below. I confirm that my use of this Service constitutes an express waiver of any applicable intellectual property rights to the domain name and I acknowledge that the domain name owner is relying on this waiver when electing to receive my offer and to engage in discussions regarding the potential purchase and sale of the domain name...
    ICE.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
    Career.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMake Offer
    XV.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMake Offer
    Meme.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMake Offer
    Hospitality.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$250,000
    SCL.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMake Offer
    OBB.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMake Offer
    KTD.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only


    Buy Now @
    Alum.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$250,000
    Buffaloes.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Bulldogs.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$300,000
    Canes.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Dame.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$400,000
    Devils.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$125,000
    Dores.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Gophers.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Grad.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$250,000
    Hawkeyes.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$250,000
    Horns.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Huskies.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$250,000
    Illini.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Mountaineers.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Mustangs.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$150,000
    Terrapins.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$100,000
    Wildcats.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$300,000
    Dojo.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$500,000
    Dissertations.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$35,000
    Kneecap.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only$20,000
    PK.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
    Less.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
    Lots of history & backlinks
    Status: REDUCEDDomain Name Only with Buy Now Price125,000
    Hotbot.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
    XBX.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
    Ethical.comStatus: ClosedSOLD

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