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Publicly Discoverable Trophy Domain Name Sales

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Here is a list of publicly discoverable trophy domain name sales since 1999. All trophy domain names are also premium domain names, but there is a difference. Trophy domain names are either very short 1-3 character domains or they’re one-word or two-word domains. They are always .COMs.

How strong are trophy domain names in 2019? Stronger than ever. Earlier this year, the 5-letter, 1-syllable, 1-word .com domain name sold for $30,000,000. Just for the domain name.

They’re also generic in nature. They generally represent category defining keywords (,, but they could be animals (,, or something else that’s short and memorable (,,

(Let us know if you’re interested in any of the trophy domain names listed above.)

What you’ve got to realize is that trophy and premium domain names represent the most valuable indefinite-lived intangible assets of the internet age. They’re valuable pieces of intellectual property that companies use as their corporate identity.

Trophy Domain NameSelling PriceYear*$872,000,0002015$90,000,0002005$49,700,0002010$38,000,0002015$35,600,0002010$35,000,0002007$30,200,0002012$30,000,0002019$20,500,0002007$20,000,0002012$18,000,0002009$17,000,0002015$16,000,0002009$15,000,0002014$15,000,0002008$13,000,0002010$12,500,0002007$11,000,0002001$10,200,0002008$10,000,0002008$9,500,0002007$9,000,0002017$8,900,0002015$8,500,0002010$8,500,0002011$8,000,0002015$7,500,0001999$7,500,0002006$7,000,0002004$6,800,0002014$6,000,0002011$5,900,0002008$5,500,0002003$5,500,0002010$5,100,0002009$5,100,0002000$5,000,0002016$5,000,0002007$5,000,0002011$5,000,0002000$4,900,0002008$4,800,0002014$4,700,0002013$4,200,0002011$4,000,0002012
* – Did not trade hands for this amount. The company placed this value on the domain name in SEC filings. They listed it as an indefinite-lived intangible asset.

As you can see, if you’re considering a purchase of a trophy domain name, it’s going to require a significant investment.

When it comes to acquisitions of domain names not for sale, we’ve represented many companies and helped them get the assets they want. You shouldn’t try to make a grab for a domain name of this calibre without retaining the services of a seasoned professional brokerage firm to represent your interests. We have worked with companies of all sizes to help them get the domain name they want. We regularly work with publicly traded companies. We also regularly work with startups ranging from those that are bootstrapped to those that have raised a Series E round.

We also represent domain owners to help them sell their trophy and premium domain names.