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Exclusive Confidential Premium .COM Domain Listing:

Premium Domain Available for Billion-Dollar Industry

The premium domain market continues to show impressive growth in 2018. And we are very honored that more and more business are trusting us to find their perfect, brandable domain name or help them maximize the value of their digital assets.

It’s rare that a premium .COM domain in the multi-billion-dollar education sector comes available. That's why we're excited and proud to announce that we have entered into an exclusive agreement to make the “” premium domain available for confidential private sale. We know that this is going to be a great opportunity for an online university, research publication, secondary education services business, or other business to add brand and search value that will quickly grow their business. was purchased by the original owner in 1997 to support their established business. Being one of the first to market and having such a premium domain established them as a market leader. Their website has been content-driven from day one, so there is a substantial amount of established search value built into this valuable .COM domain. Now that the business owner is ready to retire, all that brand and search value is ready to go to its next home.

It's a real American success story.

You can read more details in the press release.

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