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We’re global domain sales and acquisition specialists. We help companies find and buy the very best .COM domain name for their brand. Even if it’s not for sale, our domain buying service can get it for you.


We have delivered over 10,000 domain names to large corporations, small businesses, startups, universities, nonprofits, and governments in over 50 countries.


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Imagine owning the best domain name for your brand. That investment might bring you the breakthrough you need.


Want to sell a valuable domain name? We are performance-driven specialists that understand IP in today’s free market economy.


In addition to locating domains, we have an inventory of premium domains under exclusive engagement for immediate sale.


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We love talking about domain names and we’re available 24/7/365.

We offer clients a no excuses, customized, and forensic approach for every engagement. We are listening and we get it which is why corporations, governments, entrepreneurs, and individuals in over 50 countries have selected Brannans. We use predictable, common sense methods to achieve measurable results.

You have a right to a specialized, professional broker to help you navigate the global domain market. And Brannans has become the broker of choice for premium domain name acquisitions and domain name sales when professionalism, confidentiality, and capturing maximum value are the priorities.

Let us fight for you. Contact us today to start a conversation that may end up leading you to that breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Premium Domain Names are .COM domains that are one-word, two-word, or very short (combinations of two or three letters or numbers). These kinds of domain names are more valuable because they have high visibility, are easy for customers to remember, and thus are easier to associate with your brand. Examples of generic, one-word domains used as brands include (Walmart), (Johnson & Johnson), (1-800-Flowers), (Kay Jewelers), and (Peet’s Coffee & Tea). For more examples see: corporate owned premium domain names.

Even if the domain you want is owned by another person or company, it still may be available for sale. The owner and registrar of a premium domain name can be located anywhere in the world. The owner could be a corporation, a government, an entrepreneur, or an individual. Whatever the case, we can track down the decision maker and find out if the domain name you want can be purchased.

We really love talking about domain names. Let us know how we can help you.

The bottom line is this – NOTHING is more important than the .COM in the United States. It’s common sense but we also have over twenty years of case studies to back that up. And no one will work harder than we will to help you get the best .COM domain name for your brand.

We’re global domain sales specialists and we know the international market better than anyone. No one will work harder than we will to research buyers, market your domain name, and negotiate the best price the market will pay for your intellectual property.

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