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A good strategy to gain online exposure for your company is the corporate acquisition of a generic domain name.

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We help clients buy and sell developed internet based businesses and premium domain names. helps Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals discreetly purchase or sell premium domain names. We have thousands of global relationships with C-level executives and Intellectual Property Directors. We know how they think, what motivates them, and we’re known for achieving excellent results. We are happy to represent you as a buyer’s or seller’s broker if the other side already has a broker working for them. Our marketing efforts include working with other brokers every month to complete transactions.

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Recent Transactions

Some Completed Transactions include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In addition to being involved directly or indirectly with the above transactions, our founder, David Clements, is also CEO of, sought after as a consultant and speaker at conferences and trade shows. David also founded, an international auction company, & an international trade show – both companies bought, sold, brokered, developed and did SEM on premium generic domain names. David has been to and actively participated at conferences on 3 continents.

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Internet Based Businesses

Revenue Generating Websites, existing traffic, revenue from Google AdSense, other PPC models, affiliate commissions, ecommerce, ebooks, digital assets, lead generation – A revenue generating website can be any number of things but essentially it is a simple to a complex developed website at a specific domain name that has existing visitors to the website (traffic) and the site may or may not be making money (revenue).

Premium Domain Names

Registered Domain Names, one-word or two-word, short (AA-ZZ, AAA-ZZZ), .com only – A registered domain name is any domain name that is currently registered by an individual or a company at any domain registrar (like GoDaddy or Network Solutions). The owners and the registrar they use can be located anywhere in the world. The owner could be a major Fortune 500 corporation in the United States or an individual in Hong Kong. Whatever the case, we can track down the decision maker and find out if the domain name you want may be for sale. In some cases, the registered domain name you want may also be a revenue generating website for someone else.

A good strategy to gain online exposure for your company is to consider the corporate acquisition of a generic domain name.

The generic term for a category in this digital age can be a memorable brand, but it has much more value than just the brand. Examples of generic domains as brands include,,,, and (brands owned by Walmart, Toys R Us, 800-Flowers, Peets, and Brannan’s, respectively).

Other Generic Premium Domain Names

CurrentDomain Inventory

LAL.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMAKE OFFER!
XBX.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
PVP.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only169,000
Less.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
Steal.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only80,000
Application.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only290,000
X6.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only210,000
Track.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only290,000
Advising.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only220,000
Superstore.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only490,000
Sleepy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only95,000
Colombian.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only95,000
Underline.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only65,000
Gender.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Subtract.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Reject.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Spinal.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Rectify.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Salty.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Feud.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Muddy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Seduced.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Hazy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Jobless.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only55,000
KTD.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only


Sphinx.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMAKE OFFER!
Jingo.comStatus: ClosedSOLD,, EliteCharter.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE!
Chop.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE!
Trap.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE! Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud

Success StoriesCustomer Testimonials

David was great to work with: Stayed on top of every potential lead – always responding promptly and with professionalism – was instrumental in bringing the final buyer to the table, negotiating and coming to terms with them, getting the deal signed and done, and guiding us through the stages of the transfer process. Highly recommended. Hope to do business again with him soon.Devon M.

As soon as we started negotiating the purchase of a domain, David has been extremely reactive, factual & straightforward about what was feasible and what was not.

He over-delivered on all aspects of the deal, and walked the extra mile to make sure we got what we expected, and even further.

In an industry with low entry barriers, credibility & trust is making the difference, and David has well understood it.Francis C



We will to get you the domain name you want at a price that makes sense to you. We do extensive research on the owner of a domain name or revenue generating website before contacting them. In many cases, these names are not actually for sale but our time tested process has helped hundreds of clients get the name(s) that they were after. Our brokers are exceptionally strong strategic negotiators, and this saves you time and money. To protect your purchase, all transactions go through, a properly licensed, bonded, insured and audited escrow service for domain names. What this means to you is that we’ll get the job done on time, on budget, safely and effectively for you.


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