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Domain Name Services

Domain Broker Services provides full-service, end-to-end domain name brokerage services whether you need to buy a domain or want to sell a domain name. Our domain brokerage services include:

  • Domain Acquisition
  • Selling Domain Names
  • Managed Domain Name Auctions
  • Domain Consulting
  • Domain Inventory Domain Names for Sale
  • Domain Name News

Domain Acquisition

For the modern business, your domain name IS your brand. Having the right domain name makes it easy for customers to find you. We have helped hundreds of clients acquire the perfect domain name to brand their business — even owned and hard-to-get domains.

Buy-Side Domain Name Transactions

  • Determine fit and brand value of target domains for your business.
  • Thorough targeted domain appraisal to estimate domain market value.
  • Acquire registered domains – even those not yet listed for sale.
  • Locate hard-to-find domain owners.
  • Develop domain owner profiles to determine communication and negotiation strategy.
  • Successfully manage, secure, and verify domain name transaction.
  • Confidentiality assured.

Selling Domain Names

Valuable domain names are sold for a lot of reasons. Established businesses and brands have surplus domains originally acquired during product development. Established businesses owners are retiring or closing a business and realize that the domain has value to be realized. Corporations can build a portfolio of domain names through the IP of acquired businesses that have become non-performing assets. Domain investors want to recapitalize a portion or all of their investment. We have decades of experience serving all types of domain transactions.

Professional sell-side domain brokerage services are about much more than simply listing a domain for sale.

Sell-Side Domain Name Transactions

  • Comprehensive strategic sales to maximize return or rapid wholesale transactions for fast results.
  • Exhaustive linguistic, branding, and contextual research to develop potential buyer target.
  • Gauging current and past market interest in similar domain names.
  • Develop buyer profiles to determine communication and negotiation strategy.
  • Thorough domain appraisal to estimate domain market value range.
  • Pre-qualify potential buyers.
  • Successfully manage, secure, and verify domain name transaction.
  • Confidentiality assured.

Managed Domain Name Auctions

Managed domain name auctions are effective tools for maximizing the return on domain names — especially high-profile domains, high value domain brands, and unique domain keyword combinations. The most successful domains at auction are one-word domains registered for twenty years or more.

Domain Name Auction Formats

  • Public single-domain spotlight auctions.
  • Private, invitation-only single-domain auctions.
  • Public multi-domain portfolio auctions.
  • Private domain portfolio auctions with select pre-qualified bidders.
  • Confidentiality assured.

Domain Consulting

The domain name industry is a complex network of primary and secondary markets. And it can be hard to determine what the best course of action is for you and your business. Sometimes our clients need domain consulting and domain branding advice. We can help.

  • What is the best domain to brand my business?
  • When should I buy a domain?
  • What is a fair price to pay for a domain name?
  • When Should I sell domain names?
  • How much is my domain worth?
  • What domain names should I keep for the long term?
  • Confidentiality assured.

Current Inventory of Domain Names for Sale

We have a standing inventory of domain names available for immediate sale under exclusive, long-term domain brokerage engagement. This domain list changes regularly. Domain Name Newsletter

Not only can you subscribe to the Domain Name News, if your domain name qualifies, you can have your domain featured or listed for sale. Our subscribers include the top domain industry professional around the world and the Domain Name News is the best way to reach them.

Subscribe to our Domain Acquisition Newsletter - Make Them Remember Your Name has a long and successful track record of helping individuals, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies buy and sell premium domain names and established internet-based business assets.

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