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How Much Is My Domain Worth?

When we are talking to a domain client for the first time this is the most common question. It is also the most difficult question to answer accurately. There are a lot of factors that can influence the value of a domain. At, we use a combination of appraisal best practices, AI-driven estimating tools, and our extensive experience to determine a potential value range. But ultimately domains are worth what the market value is for that domain at the time it is placed for sale.

“ can help you sort through it all to unlock the hidden value.”

What Makes a Domain More Valuable?

The most valuable domains are called “premium domains.” Many factors influence the potential value of premium domains, and Brannans can help you sort through it all to unlock the hidden value.

The Length of Your Domain Matters

Without a doubt, the shorter the domain the more valuable it is. There is a steady market for domains with two, three, or four letters and/or numerals. Some of the most valuable domains are combinations of letters and numbers that may not form words at all. Just because the letter and number combination in your domain does not make sense to you and your business now, don’t assume that it doesn’t have significant value for another business when placed in the correct hands for professional domain marketing.

Additionally, virtually and domain name that is a single word has a higher value. And some domains that are formed by two words also command a higher market value.

How Long Has the Domain Has Been Registered?

Even if a domain has been idle, the longer it has been registered the better. We have successfully marketed and sold valuable domain that have remain unused for years or even decades.

Is the Domain Memorable?

Domains that are easy to remember and spell correctly when heard the first time can be great domains to build a company brand on.

Should You Use to Sell Your Domain? has been marketing and selling premium domain names for fifteen years. Our hand-on approach of marketing and selling domain names is most successful when they meet the following criteria:

  • The domain includes the .COM extension (TLD).
  • The .COM domain name has a potential value of at least US $25,000.

Due to heavy demand for our domain brokerage services, we can only accept domains that meet these criteria. Domains with an estimated value of at least US $5,000 may quality for inclusion in our newsletter.

Wholesale or Retail Domain Brokerage, Which Is Right for My Domain?

The choice is yours. Whether we recommend our wholesale or retail domain brokerage channel depends on your circumstances and needs. But it usually comes down you the amount of time you have.

Wholesale Domain Brokerage Services

Wholesale Domain sales can happen very quickly. If you choose to have Brannans market into our wholesale domain brokerage channel the sale can occur anywhere from a few hours to a few days. We will advertise and market your domain to our network of domain investors and other brokers. They will conduct their own estimates and make an offer that takes their risks and profit needs into account.

Wholesale domain marketing is faster.

Retail Domain Brokerage Services

Selling a valuable domain name in our retail channel is a performance-driven solution with white-glove service that takes longer. That time allows us to do the following:

  • Exhaustive linguistic, branding, and contextual research to develop potential buyer targets.
  • Gauging current and past market interest in similar domain names.
  • Develop buyer profiles to determine communication and negotiation strategy.
  • Thorough domain appraisal to estimate domain market value range.
  • Create advertising campaigns.
  • Conduct private or semi-private auctions.
  • Pre-qualify potential buyers.

Retail domain brokering takes more time — anywhere from one to six months in most cases. The extra time usually means a substantially higher sale price.

Leverage Domain IP to Increase Merger and Acquisition ROI

We understand the needs of modern enterprises. During mergers and acquisitions, it’s very common for businesses to develop an inventory of domain name assets. If those domains are no longer applicable to the new business model, these assets can still have real value that exceeds the booked value estimated during the due diligence process.

We help corporations realize the hidden value in their M&A transactions.

We Can Help You Evaluate and Sell Your Domains

Whether you have a single domain URL to sell or have acquired a portfolio of domain assets, we can help you sort through details and determine the real market value of your domain names.

If you think that you have a single domain – or a portfolio of domains – that fit any of these criteria and want to unlock the value, let’s start a conversation now. We can help you capitalize on the hidden value to maximize the return on your IP assets. And as always, all communications with our clients are strictly confidential.

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