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By 2025:

  • The global Electric Vehicle (EV) market will reach US $37.5 billion (¥ 3.91 trillion).
  • Lithium-Ion batteries will exceed ¥ 690 billion, approaching US $66.2 billion (¥ 6.9 trillion) over the following decade.
  • Household Lithium-Ion batteries will exceed US $4.7 billion (¥ 490 billion).
  • Global capacity of Lithium-Ion batteries will reach 600 GWh.

“In 2025, the EV category will dominate. And yet, that will be only 15% of new cars sold…. What happens after 2025 is very important. I think it is a world that will change drastically.” — Dr. Akira Yoshino, Nobel Laureate, father of the Lithium-Ion Battery.

"There is a revolution happening in global energy. Trillions of dollars are about to shift from fossil fuels to batteries.” — David Clements, CEO of