Domain Acquisition

Nothing is more important than owning the .COM

It starts with a free, no obligation conversation. In fact, our domain acquisition services are free unless we deliver a domain name to you. Before you throw money away, talk to us. We are happy to discuss what you want to accomplish and how Brannans can help. Contact us today to discuss your domain name objectives and see if Brannans is the right fit for you.

Specialization Matters

When it comes to domain name assets, Brannans is who you want to represent your interests or the interests of your clients. We actively research, market, and creatively address every domain name opportunity to maximize the value that we bring to the table.


Buy-Side Domain Acquisitions

  • Determine fit and brand value of target domains for your business.
  • Locate and acquire registered domains – even those not yet listed for sale.
  • Locate hard-to-find domain owners.
  • Develop domain owner profiles to determine communication and negotiation strategy.
  • Detailed due-diligence reports to verify claims of domain traffic, keyword rankings, and use.

No domain name extension is more valuable than the .COM.

No domain name extension is more valuable than the .COMIf you only remember two things, remember these: (1) COM is what our fingers automatically type after the dot, and (2) Domain names have been around for thirty-five years. All of the good ones have been registered for fifteen to twenty years, if not longer. Even though the market is now awash with new top-level domains (TLDs), none of them represent a lasting solution for you or for your business. We have twenty years of case studies to back that up. The .COM domains still maintain a commanding lead in usage and mind-share for internet users world-wide. It is the domain extension that consumers and business users type as a matter of default. In short, .COM domains are the most valuable and desired internet real estate location for doing business and will remain so for the foreseeable future. If your budget won’t allow a .COM purchase now, we can help you find a suitable alternate, but to give you accurate and long-term solution we would have to have a conversation with you. And if you start off with a different extension (.io, .net, etc) and you see hockey stick growth, you scale, you raise money – but before you reach unicorn status – reach out to us again so we can get you the .COM you put off when you started because of budget restrictions.

Why do I need the .COM if I’ve already made it?

For the same reasons Facebook went from to and Dropbox went from to and Join Me went from Join.Me to Growth – each company upgraded to a much more powerful brand. To reduce customer confusion – each company above realized a large percentage of their customers were confused about which URL they should go to. Type in traffic – no domain gets more type in than the .COM And much more. Yes. It’s going to be expensive but absolutely worth it and a necessary investment if you want to scale.

The bottom line is this, your domain name is what defines you online.

It represents your company and your brand identity in a connected world where the internet is your global partner. Your domain name is as important as your logo and trademarks. Yes. All of the best “premium” .COM domain names – the shortest, easiest to remember, and most brand-able – are already owned by someone, somewhere. But that doesn’t mean you can’t acquire that perfect domain for your business. And we can help. First things first. We know how to find out who owns a domain name. We also know what to say when we reach out to them. We are listening and we hear you. You’re worried about overpaying, high cost, budget, price. We can help you there. We are determined and have a single-minded focus and a hands-on approach to help you get the domain name you want. We bring strict standards and added value to each and every transaction. We can help you find the best domain name available, and our depth of experience and uncompromising integrity will ensure that you are able to acquire it at the best possible price.


Contact us today to discuss your domain name objectives. Our strict adherence to confidentiality ensures that your identity and all discussions will remain anonymous and private during all negotiations.