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Brannan’s has more than a decade of experience helping businesses monetize established and brand-able domain name assets (URLs). Whether you need to recapitalize with a quick sale or have a longer time-horizon to support a full brand and marketing effort, we are experts at maximizing your financial return on your schedule and within your requirements.

A Global Network for a World-Wide Domain Market

We have become one of the most respected names in the domain industry – marketing and selling premium domain assets in every major market in the world. This means that we have established a global network of professional domain partners and contacts, and that means more opportunities for success.

The right buyers for your domain are out there, and we know how to find them.

Leverage Domain IP to Increase Merger and Acquisition ROI

We understand the needs of modern enterprises. During mergers and acquisitions, it’s very common for businesses to develop an inventory of domain name assets. If those domains are no longer applicable to the new business model, these assets can still have real value that exceeds the booked value estimated during the due diligence process.

We have helped dozens of companies realize the hidden value in their M&A transactions.

What Factors Add Value to Premium Domains

The most valuable domains are called “premium domains.” Many factors influence the appraised value of domains, but there are a few attributes that increase the value of domain URLs:

Domains with fewer words

Virtually any one-word domain has a higher intrinsic value. Two-word domains can also have great value. In general, the shorter, more concise, and easy-to-remember the domain the higher its potential value.

Domains with two, three, or four letters and numbers

Some of the most valuable domains are combinations of letters and numbers that may not form words at all. Just because the letter and number combination in your domain does not make sense to you and your business now, don’t assume that it doesn’t have significant value for another business when placed in the correct hands for marketing.

The longer your domain has been registered the better

Even if the unused domains in your asset inventory have been idle for years – even decades – this can be a plus in the many circumstances.

Evaluate and Sell Domains

Whether you have a single URL to sell or have acquired a portfolio of domain assets, we can help you sort through details and determine the real market value of your domain names.

If you think that you have a single domain – or a portfolio of domains – that fit any of these criteria and want to unlock the value, use the contact form and let’s start a conversation now. We can help you capitalize on the hidden value to maximize the return on your IP assets.

And as always, all communications with our clients are strictly confidential.

CurrentDomain Inventory

LAL.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMAKE OFFER!
XBX.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
PVP.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only169,000
Less.comStatus: ClosedSOLD
Steal.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only80,000
Application.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only290,000
X6.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only210,000
Track.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only290,000
Advising.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only220,000
Superstore.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only490,000
Sleepy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only95,000
Colombian.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only95,000
Underline.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only65,000
Gender.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Subtract.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Reject.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Spinal.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Rectify.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Salty.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Feud.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Muddy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Seduced.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Hazy.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only58,000
Jobless.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only55,000
KTD.comStatus: OpenDomain Name Only


Sphinx.comStatus: OpenDomain Name OnlyMAKE OFFER!
Jingo.comStatus: ClosedSOLD,, EliteCharter.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE!
Chop.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE!
Trap.comStatus: OpenSale Type: Offer with Buy NowMAKE OFFER!LEARN MORE!

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